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What is Lightning?

Lightning is a micro toolkit to simplify getting your content on your site, without getting in your way. Lightning is open source and free.


It is made up of:
  • An module to identify your content.
  • Flat files to store your content.
  • Markdown to parse your content.
  • Razor to render your content.


  • Simplicity.
* The code: Small, concise and clean.
* Content: Flat files. Publish via ftp, dropbox, file share, xcopy, etc.
* Deployment: Deploy from source, ftp, dropbox, file share, xcopy, etc. Simply as possible.
* Ui: Templates use razor to offer full flexibility.
  • Speed.
* Execution: Less code means less cpu.
* Caching: Cache as much processing as possible. Cache content reading and parsing. Cache content processing.

More Info

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